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Sound Bath

One to One Sound Meditation in Nursing Care - A real-world vignette

As a nurse coach, I find profound fulfillment in the intimate moments spent working individualy with patients, guiding them on their journey towards healing and wholeness. One particular session remains vivid in my memory. As we settled in, I sensed a subtle tension in the air, and gently encouraged her to set an intention for her healing, inviting her to find a deeper breath and feel the support of the earth under her., anchoring herself into the present moment, and increasing her space on earth.

I started the sound bath with my 16” frame drum resonating the sacred sound of AUM across its base echoed it with reverberating tones from chiming my C sacred alchemy bowl. I then introduced the rhythmic note of  G on my  Shruti box, inviting her to join me in a harmonious humm synchronizing our breath and voices. I felt a shift in connection and trust, as our voices and subtle energy harmonized. Add the sacred alchemy crystal singing bowls, their ethereal tones filling the room with a sense of tranquility.  

As the music enveloped us, I observed a transformation in the client's demeanor. Tension dissolved replaced by a tangible sense of relaxation and receptivity. With each resonate note, a coherence emerged within her, reflected in her rhythmic breath, serene countenance, relaxed posture.

Creating space for silence now.

In the sacred silence, I transitioned to the chimes, gently guide us back to the present moment. Tears flowed, and later, the client expressed a feeling of deep serenity and acceptance. She shared with me she felt a sense of reconnection with her true self. She mention a presence of her mother whom recently passed, and felt a deep healing she will take with her.

At the end of our session there was a profound sense of gratitude in the room, a testament to the deep connection forged through our shared experience of sound. In that moment, I was reminded once more of the privilege it is to accompanying others on their quest for wholeness and the remarkable resilience, self-discovery, and self-restoration inherent in the human spirit.

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