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Meet Michele

RN, MSN, Health & Wellness Nurse Coach-BC


I believe that we each carry the potential to heal ourselves,
I guide my heart-centered classes with the knowledge that we are all beings of light,
and that life offers us an opportunity to feel the universal thread of light from which we are all born.

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Michele access's the lineage of Ancient Healing Modalities,Neuroscience, Optimism, Lifestyle Medicine, Nutrition, & Behavior Change as an Advanced Holistic Registered Nurse!

Providing the following services:

  • Integrative Nurse Coach sessions LIVE/Secure Zoom

  • Private or Group Yoga/Breath-work sessions 

  • Integrative Sounding Healing Experience

  • Energy Healing Session/ Qi-Gong/ Tai Qi /Healing Touch/Reiki

Experience A New Way to connect to your inner guidance





Anytime, Anywhere

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