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A Healthy Life Is Within Reach

Nurse Coaching with Michele McNiff

Meet Michele

Board Certified Health & Wellness Nurse Coach

Michele McNiff is on the front lines of creating a new paradigm for health care. Following in the footsteps of her mentors; Holistic Nurse Pioneers!
      As the first nurse Care Navigator, hired by the California Schools Voluntary Employee Benefits Association (VEBA) Resource Center, McNiff is using her extensive background as a critical care nurse with over 30 years experience to thread her passion of healing, Michele utilizes her wealth of Nursing experience to promote resilience and healthy living. 

What I Specialize In

Senior Couple Doing Yoga

The Journey Towards Health Begins on the Path of Self Love. Begin Your Journey Today.

“Michele, brings with her an extremely mature and compassionate field of inquiry. She shares a nice balance of technique and openness to the mystery.”

-  Amba Stapleton, founder of Nosara
Yoga Institute

“Michele is a gifted healer and her touch is soothing and informed. Her training as a medical professional gives her the added advantage of being able to notice and respond to a client’s energy and overall health that day. She offers the healing approach that’s right for you, as opposed to a blanket method dished out the same way each time. Michele really considers the client and their state of health and selects the right treatment for them. She knows what she’s doing; you get that from the first moment you are with her. “

Author, Musician,
Yoga Teacher

“Michele is a skilled healer who used Healing Touch and other energy healing techniques to relieve my sciatica. Her gentle, intuitive approach relaxed me and completely eliminated my pain for several days after the session.”

- Michele B

The Healthy Feed
"Feed the Soul, Nourish the Body, Relax the Mind"

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